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Protecting Your Investment in a Computer

Students’ computers represent an investment of both time and money. To protect this important investment, remind your student to:

  • Avoid spending too much on a computer with lots of software pre-installed beyond the operating system. Remember, Microsoft Office® and other useful software can be downloaded free from
  • Pay attention to their online security: Choose strong passwords and be vigilant against spam and phishing emails. Learn more at
  • Install software and operating system updates right away, whenever they are auto-downloaded.
  • Protect yourself from data loss by backing up important files to the cloud using UVA Box, the University’s free online file storage and collaboration service.
  • Use a power surge protector with a circuit breaker for all computing equipment.
  • Download emergency notification apps and software, including UVA Alerts, Alertus, and LiveSafe. For more information, see the Student Safety Guide.