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UVA's Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) offers a full menu of technology services to support students in their academic pursuits. This includes wireless Internet access, free and low-cost software, email accounts, online file storage, course management tools, and tech support from the UVA Help Desk.

Computer Requirements and Resources

A laptop computer is essential for a student's academic career at the University. Students may opt to buy a new computer or bring one from home, but it must meet minimum University standards. Students should also consider their likely major or field of study when making their choice, since many UVA schools have specific requirements. For University and program requirements and recommendations, please see

Computer hardware and software can be purchased at special educational pricing through the Cavalier Computers website, or at its showroom inside the UVA Bookstore.

Cavalier Computers is also an authorized T-Mobile retailer and can assist students with cellphone or 4G tablet needs.

To learn more about Cavalier Computers, see Resources to Help.

Free and Low-Cost Microsoft Software

ITS has negotiated licensing with Microsoft so that students can download Microsoft Office and Windows for free. For download information, please see

Specialized Software Programs

Some specialized academic software packages may be accessed via the UVA Hive at, which streams programs to students on their own computers from virtually anywhere. Some computers in schools and libraries around Grounds also are available with discipline-specific software.


Students may opt to have a printer in their residence hall room, but if bringing a printer, it should have a USB port and a cable, since wireless printing is not supported in residence halls. Cavalier Computers offers an inkjet cartridge refill service that saves students money on printer cartridges while helping to protect the environment.

Printing, provided by Printing & Copying Services, is supported in public locations around Grounds — either via a student’s own laptop or the public printer stations — starting at a cost of 8 cents per page. Funds for this will need to be reloaded on students’ Cavalier Advantage accounts. See Cavalier Advantage.

Computing Accounts

New students take the Responsible Computing Tutorial in order to gain access to their new University computing accounts, including UVA email. This tutorial explains what it means to be a good digital citizen and that the use of computing resources is governed not only by the Honor System, but also by local, state, and federal laws pertaining to copyrights, security, and other statutes on electronic media. The Responsible Computing Student Handbook is available at

University Email

Students are provided a Virginia email account for life through UVA Gmail. To check their University email, students should go to and log in through NetBadge. It is important that students check their UVA email account regularly, because that is where official communications from the University are sent.

UVA Computing ID and Password

Students log in through NetBadge by providing their UVA computing ID (e.g., mst3k) and password. This password will be the one they use to access most systems during their time at UVA and beyond.

Online File Storage

Students can take advantage of UVA Box, the University’s online file storage and collaboration service. Box enables students to store up to 1TB of data securely in the cloud. Students can access UVA Box via its Web interface, or by downloading the Box Sync software to their computers, so they can access their files from anywhere. Students can get started by going to

Tech Support Services and Computing Help

Students can receive 24/7 help with computing.

  • Website. The ITS website,, is where students can download software, connect to services such as online file storage, and learn the latest on downtimes and security issues at the University. It also links to the social media presence of ITS if your student would prefer to receive communications that way.
  • Help Desk. The UVA Help Desk provides students with free troubleshooting for UVA-related IT questions. Students can reach the Help Desk for tech support anytime — 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year — by email, chat, or phone (call 434.924. HELP or toll-free at 866.469.4866). While ITS does not provide hardware repair services, the Help Desk can assess whether a problem is hardware-related. Local repair services are available through Cavalier Computers and other vendors.

Information Security

The University is putting significant focus on protecting students and the UVA community from cyberattacks. In addition to NetBadge, UVA has instituted a second mode of authentication called 2-Step Login to help keep UVA computing accounts secure.


One of the most common cyberattacks is phishing, a fraudulent attempt usually made through email. Information Security and ITS have started anti-phishing awareness campaigns that include simulations and training for students.

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