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The Judiciary Committee

The University Judiciary Committee was established to “promote the principles of civility and self-discipline that are appropriate to the conduct of an academic community.” The UJC is responsible for investigating and reviewing complaints of student misconduct, as defined by the 12 Standards of Conduct adopted by the University’s Board of Visitors. All students are expected to abide by these standards. Any individual or group may file complaints with the UJC according to the committee’s statute of limitations. All complaints are heard by a panel of five judges elected from the student body. Should the accused student be found guilty, the panel may choose to administer a variety of sanctions, ranging from an admonition to expulsion.

The First-Year Judiciary Committee, a subcommittee of the UJC composed of 12 first-year students, has jurisdiction over violations committed by first-year students.

Students interested in becoming involved will find opportunities to participate as a first-year judge, support officer, or elected representative and judge.

More information about the Standards of Conduct is available in Policies of Note: Standards of Conduct.

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