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Student Council

Student Council is the governing organization for the student body at the University of Virginia. This organization provides a means for students to participate in issues and policies that affect the student body, while offering several services to the University at large.

The president and the executive board oversee the Council. The representative body, a legislative body representing every University school, handles legislative matters. The president, vice presidents for administration and organizations, and the representatives are elected by the student body each February. Student Council hosts 12 standing cabinet committees appointed by the president that develop initiatives and advocate on behalf of both graduate and undergraduate students. Historically, Student Council has been involved with the creation of Clemons Library and demanding that women be admitted into the College of Arts & Sciences. Student Council has recently taken on issues related to tuition increases and the provision of free menstrual hygiene in all bathrooms at the University.

Student Council maintains agency organization status through its annual allocation of around $900,000 to a diverse array of student groups under the supervision of the vice president for organizations. The appropriations committee reviews all funding requests, and the representative body hears any appeals after funds have been allocated. The representative body also approves the formation of new CIOs after the organization recognition committee finishes its review process.

When classes are in session, Student Council meets every Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. in the Kaleidoscope room in Newcomb Hall. Meetings are open to the public and are covered by the student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily.

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