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Student Safety

Safety is a top priority at UVA. Law enforcement, general security, workforce safety, and emergency preparedness services for all components of the University operate as part of a comprehensive unit. Students should always report suspicious activities or people to the police. Students should call 911 for help, even when something just doesn’t feel right.

University Police Department

The University Police Department (UPD) is a nationally accredited police department providing the same types of services as a municipal police department, as well as other services unique to an academic institution. The department works closely with administrators, students, faculty, and staff to create and maintain a secure atmosphere. Its statutory arrest jurisdiction includes the property of the University as well as adjacent streets and sidewalks.

In addition, the department participates in a mutual aid agreement with other local departments and in an agreement with the city of Charlottesville, which gives University officers concurrent jurisdiction in much of the city area surrounding the University.

Police officers patrol the Grounds on foot; in cars; and on bicycles, motor scooters, and motorcycles. UVA Ambassadors, who work under the direction of UPD, patrol a large area of the Corner on foot, on bikes, and in vehicles.

For more information
Emergencies: 911
Non-emergencies: 434.924.7166

Student Safety Checklist

Some key action steps for new students:

  • Read the Safety Guide. Students will receive copies at move-in.
  • Remember: If in doubt, always call 911.
  • Follow the Safety Reminders listed in the Safety Guide. Take ownership of your own safety and that of your friends and fellow students.
  • Know the options for late-night transportation, including Safe Ride, Charge-a-Ride, and University buses.
  • Sign up for UVA Alerts.
  • Download apps that may be helpful.
  • Enter important phone numbers into your phone for easy dialing.
  • Parents, take time to discuss your expectations around alcohol use. See Alcohol Use among Students: How Parents Can be Partners in Prevention.