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Peer Advising Programs

Several peer advising programs are based in the Division of Student Affairs. As these programs have grown over the years, they have been highly instrumental in helping students succeed in their academic and personal development by providing peer-to-peer relationships and mentoring. Peer advisors, all of whom are undergraduate students, receive training and support themselves from Student Affairs and other offices at the University.

Resident Staff represent peer advising at its peak, since these student leaders live alongside students in the residence halls.

OAAA Peer Advisors are part of a longstanding, award-winning program in which all new African-American students are matched with an upperclass student who remains in touch throughout the first year. The pairings are based on academic and extracurricular interests.

Transfer Student Peer Advisors (TSPAs) assist transfer students with integration into the University community. Every year, approximately 40 students are selected to serve as TSPAs. Each TSPA initiates contact with 15 to 20 transfer students during the summer and then serves as a primary resource and guide for these students as they transition into life at the University.

Career Peer Educators (CPEs) serve as a bridge between the Career Center and students. They expand the center's reach by staffing office hours, conducting outreach workshops, and supporting career community programs. CPEs share personalized resources and relevant experiences to help advisees gain confidence in the career development process.

Peer Health Educators (PHEs) are trained to educate their classmates about college health and wellness issues in a positive, interactive, fun, and nonjudgmental manner.