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Housing Comparison Guide: Deciding Where to Live Second Year

Decision dates November for Residential Colleges and Language Houses; early spring semester for all other locations. Varies
Off-Grounds options are available through spring.
Furnished Yes Varies
Rent cost (monthly) $765 per month (average) with a nine-month commitment based on the academic year $623-$1,061 per month for a 12-month lease
Utilities (based on a 915-square-foot apartment) Included ($0 additional cost) Not included ($189 additional monthly cost per unit, on average, for electricity, heating, water, waste disposal)
Parking costs included No Varies
Wi-Fi Free Wi-Fi in all rooms Varies
Obtaining the space Submit application, select room, sign housing agreement. No pre-payment or fees. Sign lease. Possible application fee.
Security deposit None Required
Flexibility (for study abroad/withdrawal) Released from University housing contract No flexibility (must continue to pay or find a replacement)
Financial aid award Paid directly to UVA Housing for the student Student-managed
Financial accountability Responsible only for self Roommates may be collectively responsible
University bus stops Always nearby Not always nearby
Maintenance and security of property University responsible Landlord/management company responsible