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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I address mail to my student?

For your first-year student living on Grounds, you can look up the mailing address at Following these instructions will help expedite the delivery.

How does mail service work?

Housing & Residence Life provides mail services to the majority of on-Grounds undergraduate residents through mailrooms in several locations. Mailroom staff deliver mail to most residential areas and provide a mail and package pick-up point for items sent through first-class mail, accountable mail (certified and insured), and items sent through UPS, FedEx, or USPS Priority Mail. The mailrooms cannot receive registered, COD, or postage-due mail. Mail information for each housing area is available on individual area web pages at

Residents of Brown College receive mail at the U.S. Postal Service office in Newcomb Hall. U.S. Mail service is provided for all occupants of the Lawn and the Range.

What laundry facilities are available?

Laundry facilities are located throughout University housing areas. In the first-year residences, they are located on the ground floors of Bonnycastle, Dabney, Emmet, and Humphreys (McCormick Road Residence Area); Balz-Dobie, Cauthen, Gibbons, Kellogg, Lile-Maupin, Shannon, Tuttle-Dunnington, and Watson-Webb (Alderman Road Residence Area); Runk Hall (Hereford College, Johnson, Malone, and Weedon houses); Gooch and Dillard; Gwathmey, Lewis, and Munford (International Residential College); and Gildersleeve (Brown College). The washers and dryers accept payment only through Cavalier Advantage. To learn more about Cavalier Advantage, see Financial Topics.

What about vending areas?

Vending machines that accept either coins or Cavalier Advantage also are located in the residence halls.

Is Wi-Fi available in all the residence halls?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available in all residence halls, in the libraries, on the Lawn, in virtually all classrooms, and in outdoor areas around Newcomb Hall. Please note that students are not permitted to bring personal wireless access points or base stations to Grounds, as they interfere with the University’s official wireless access points.

To learn more about technology at UVA, see Technology.

What if my student has a medical condition or special needs?

Students needing special housing accommodations due to a medical condition or a disability must submit a Student Request form and appropriate documentation to the Student Disability Access Center (SDAC) within Student Health. Deadline information is available at Students with medical needs for air-conditioned housing must provide a written request from a family physician that describes a medical condition necessitating living in air-conditioned housing.

If students need to use needles of any type due to a medical condition, they can purchase a red “Sharps-A-Gator” container from the Student Health Pharmacy for the proper disposal of syringes.

How can my student become a Resident Staff member?

Students are eligible to be a Resident Staff member after their first year. The selection process involves an evaluation and two sets of interviews. Students should check the Housing & Residence Life website and watch for information sessions late in the fall semester and early January.

What is the University decoration policy?

To personalize their rooms, students should plan ahead. No more than 10 percent of the total wall area may be covered by material that is combustible, defined as items that are easily ignited, such as unframed posters. Curtains, extension cords, and candles are strictly prohibited. Please see the Housing & Residence Life Decoration Policies page at

What is the process for continuing to live on Grounds?

Students will receive information from Housing & Residence Life in the fall and are invited to attend seminars and information sessions concerning on-Grounds housing options. An Open House will be held during Family Weekend (October 18-20, 2019) that will outline the application process for returning students, as well as provide parents and students an opportunity to learn about upperclass options. The deadline to apply for on-Grounds housing is in January. The exact date will be posted on the Housing & Residence Life website.

What if my student cannot come home for certain breaks? Can they remain in on-Grounds housing?

First-year students can remain in on-Grounds housing over Thanksgiving and Sprink Break. First-year residence areas close every year for Winter Break, which begins in December, and are not accessible. If first-year students are registered for January Term, then they can return to their first-year residence hall one day prior to the start of J-Term.

Upperclass housing, including all residential college spaces, remains open during Winter Break.

If my student is returning to the same room on Grounds next year, can they leave belongings in the room over the summer?

No. The University takes care of repairs and maintenance, hosts conferences, and holds summer session during this time. Most residential areas are utilized, so it is not possible to leave items in rooms over the summer.