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Receiving Services at Student Health


Students who pay the comprehensive health fee are eligible to receive care at Student Health. Any student with questions regarding eligibility should contact Student Health Medical Records at 924.1525.

All students must submit a Pre-Entrance Health Form to Student Health. All first-year, transfer, and international students are required to submit this form by August 31, 2017. Failure to complete this form will lead to blocked access during the class registration period and also will result in a $100 late fee. A copy of the Pre-Entrance Health Form can be found on the Student Health website.

All University of Virginia students are eligible to receive services from the Student Disability Access Center free of charge.


Visits with Student Health professionals have been prepaid through the comprehensive health fee.

Charges apply, however, for certain treatments, including supplies, allergy injections, injectable medications administered in-house, inhalation therapy, immunization fees, and copies of the medical record.

In addition, all services received outside Student Health, such as hospital care, speciality referrals, diagnostic X-rays and imaging studies, and Emergency Room care result in charges by that care provider. When seeing a provider outside Student Health, students are required to pay the applicable co-pay, co-insurance, and deductibles for all covered services, as well as the entire amount for services not included in their plan.

Charges for services provided at Student Health, other than prescriptions and labs (see below), will be placed on your student’s account (or will be billed to the Aetna Student Health plan if the student has that plan).

The laboratory and pharmacy located in Student Health are satellites of the UVA Health System (the UVA Hospital) and will file prescription and lab charges to most insurance companies. The student is responsible for these charges, whether or not the University Hospital Laboratory is in-network for her or his insurance plan. To learn more about insurance filing for lab tests, please see the Student Health website.

In addition, all services received outside of Student Health, such as hospital care, specialty referrals, diagnostic X-rays and imaging studies, and Emergency Room care result in charges and are the financial responsibility of the student.

When seeing a provider outside Student Health, students are required to pay the applicable copay, co-insurance, and deductibles for all covered services, as well as the entire amount for services not included in their plan.

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Health Insurance and Hard-Waiver Requirements

In an effort to ensure adequate health insurance coverage, the University requires that all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students be covered by an insurance plan from a licensed health-care insurance company.

Under the required Hard-Waiver Health Insurance Program, students who pay the comprehensive Health Fee must (1) carry health insurance that meets specific coverage requirements, called comparable coverage, and (2) provide proof of this insurance on an annual basis.

To determine whether their coverage meets the University’s requirements, students must complete a waiver application by going to the site administered by Aetna Student Health at The waiver site will be open and available to all students from July 17, 2017, through September 18, 2017. Any student who fails to demonstrate comparable coverage in the online waiver site by September 18, 2017, will automatically be enrolled in the Aetna Student Health plan. This includes students who fail to take action in the online system or who have filed a waiver application that has been denied. Once a student is enrolled in the plan, the coverage cannot be cancelled, and the charge of $2,690 (U.S.) will be due by October 31, 2017. These deadlines will be strictly enforced. For more information regarding the Hard-Waiver Health Insurance Program, please see the Student Health website.

Students who do not have health insurance may obtain it from a company of their choice (as long as it is deemed comparable coverage) or purchase the plan currently endorsed by the University, Aetna Student Health. Additional insurance information, including a link to apply online, is available at

Parents should make sure that their students have a copy of their insurance card when they come to the University in the fall. Most companies list a toll-free number for help with questions about benefits or claim procedures. Parents should help their student become familiar with how to request information about her or his insurance benefits.

In-Network Provider vs. Out-of- Network Provider

A frequent question from parents is whether Student Health and the University Hospital are participating in a particular insurance network.

Because Student Health cares for students from 50 states and 75 countries representing more than 900 different insurance plans, it is logistically and financially impossible for Student Health to be a network provider for all these plans. Student Health currently participates as a provider in only one network, the Aetna Student Health Insurance Network.

Students with other insurance plans who incur fees from Student Health will have those charges placed on their student accounts within one week of the service date. An appropriate receipt is available at, which permits students or parents to file an insurance claim for covered services directly with the student's insurance plan.

The UVA Health System (hospital, associated clinics, and other services) is a separate entity from Student Health. It participates in most major insurance networks located in the mid-Atlantic area and in a number of major national networks as well. If your student receives laboratory or pharmacy services from the UVA Health System satellite sites at Student Health, your student will be billed separately by the Health System, not by Student Health.

Student Health Insurance: Do the Math!

UVA requires all students to be covered by a health insurance plan. The University offers a plan through Aetna Student Health, and UVA is encouraging parents to take a look at this plan. In some cases, parents will find that this plan costs less and provides more comprehensive care than their current health-care plan.

One major feature of the Aetna plan

It covers situations unique to students. If any of these situations apply to you, then Aetna Student Health may prove to be a sound choice:

  • Your student may decide to study abroad, even for a short period.
  • Your student may decide to take a summer job or internship in another state.
  • Your residence is far enough from Charlottesville that traveling home for medical care would be difficult for your student.
  • Your current plan includes high deductibles, copayments, or co-insurance.

Do the Math

Take a few minutes to fill out the online worksheet. Once you do the math, assessing your own family situation and adding up what you pay for premiums, deductibles, copayments, prescriptions, and tests, you will have a better picture of how your current plan compares cost-wise with the UVA Aetna Student Health plan.


Enrollment in the Aetna Student Health Plan begins July 17, 2017, and runs through September 18, 2017. Coverage runs from August 15, 2017, through August 14, 2018.

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