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Receiving Services at Student Health


Students who pay the comprehensive health fee are eligible to receive care at Student Health. Any student with questions regarding eligibility should contact Student Health Medical Records at 434.924.1525.

All students must submit a Pre-Entrance Health Form to Student Health. All first-year, transfer, and international students are required to submit this form by August 1, 2019. Failure to complete this form will lead to blocked access during the class registration period and also will result in a $100 late fee. A copy of the Pre-Entrance Health Form can be found on the Student Health website.

All University of Virginia students are eligible to receive services from the Student Disability Access Center free of charge.


Visits with Student Health professionals have been prepaid through the comprehensive health fee.

Charges apply, however, for certain treatments, including supplies, allergy injections, injectable medications administered in-house, inhalation therapy, immunization fees, and copies of the medical record.

For students with the Aetna Student Health plan, any charges for services incurring a fee by Student Health will be billed directly to Aetna Student Health.

Students with other insurance plans who incur fees from Student Health will have those charges placed on their student accounts within one week of the service date. A receipt will be available at, which permits students or parents to file a claim for covered services directly with the student’s insurance plan.

While located within Student Health, the laboratory and pharmacy located in the building are satellites of the UVA Health System (the UVA Hospital) and will file prescription and lab charges to most insurance companies. The student is responsible for these charges, whether or not the University Hospital Laboratory is in-network for their insurance plan. To learn more about insurance filing for lab tests, please see the Student Health website.

In addition, all services received outside of Student Health, such as hospital care, specialty referrals, diagnostic X-rays and imaging studies, and Emergency Room care result in charges and are the financial responsibility of the student. When seeing a provider outside Student Health, students are required to pay the applicable copay, co-insurance, and deductibles for all covered services, as well as the entire amount for services not included in their plan.