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The University of Virginia Alumni Association offers a number of scholarships available through an application process independent of the University’s financial aid process. For a listing of scholarships, to view the Scholarship Guide, or to apply, see the Alumni Association website. You may also contact Molly Bass at 434.243.9000 or

Among the scholarships available:

  • Quentin Alcorn Memorial Scholarship – $3,500
    Rising third- and fourth-year members of the Greek community; positive impact on UVA and Charlottesville; dedication; selfless service; love of learning; capacity for fun and humor
  • Sky Alland Scholarship – Tuition and fees plus stipend
    Rising fourth-year students; enterprising spirit; leadership; achievement; humility; devotion to the University. For more information:
  • Leslie Baltz Art Study Fund – $3,000
    Rising third- or fourth-year students majoring in art history or studio art; summer or semester studying abroad
  • Robert Adams Bradford Scholarship – $10,000
    Students in the College; leadership and citizenship; from Wisconsin, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, or Vermont. Can be renewed.

  • Sean N. Bryant Memorial Scholarship – $2,250
    Rising fourth-year students; merit; intellectual interests; leadership in service; speaks for and represents voices traditionally not heard

  • Shawn Michael Bryant Memorial Scholarship – $2,000
    Third- and fourth-year McIntire students; love for UVA; strong commitment to serving others through community service

  • Dr. Everett W. Butler, O.D., Memorial Scholarship – $3,500
    Current third- or fourth-year students; need; merit; science major; from North Carolina, Pennsylvania, or Virginia

  • Elizabeth Rose Coggins Scholarship – $6,000
    Current second-, third- and fourth-year female students in School of Engineering and Applied Sceince; quick mind; sense of humor; loyalty to friends; faith in God

  • The Rev. Paul C. Deckenbach Memorial Scholarship – $2,500
    Rising fourth-year students majoring or minoring in philosophy or religious studies or a member of the Episcopal Church; merit; need; demonstrated concern for improving the lives of the disadvantaged

  • Kenneth L. and Lorraine M. Harkavy Scholarship – $5,500
    Rising fourth-year students majoring in a pre-med science or nursing; merit; understanding of climate change and its relationship to health care

  • Melissa Holland Memorial Scholarship – $5,000
    Rising second-, third-, and fourth-year students from the Westchester, N.Y./Fairfield, Conn. alumni region; merit; need; community service

  • Sherri King Memorial Scholarship – In-state tuition and fees
    Rising third- and fourth-year women; excellence in mathematics, economics, or finance

  • Glenn D. Kirwin Scholarship – $20,000
    Rising third- and fourth-year students; warmth, openness; piercing, explosive intellect; leadership, determination; generosity and wisdom; vast capacity for silliness; capability for original and creative thought

  • Patrick Sean Murphy '87 Memorial Scholarship – $8,000
    Rising third- or fourth-year students; academic achievement; leadership; citizenship; contribution to student life

  • Kelly O'Hara Memorial Fund – $15,000
    Rising fourth-year women; minimum 2.8 GPA; enthusiasm for God; service to others

  • Sydney Elizabeth Owens Award – $6,000
    Undergraduate students who have designed with faculty approval or input a transformative experience

  • Walter M. Ridley Scholarships – Varies
    African-American students; merit; leadership; community service. First-year and transfer students, apply directly online at

  • Dana H. Rowe Scholarship – $5,500
    Rising third- or fourth-year students in the College; rising second-year graduate students in the School of Architecture; rising second-year students in School of Law; merit; need; from a New England state (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, or Vermont); contribution to student life

  • Candice M. Ruff Memorial Scholarship – $10,000
    Students majoring in psychology, Spanish, or religious studies; merit; Christian leadership and service to others; spiritual, mental, and physical self-development

  • Sigma Pi Scholarship – $2,500
    Rising second-, third-, or fourth-year students; exhibiting the most active and productive efforts toward improving the safety of all students from sexual assault and violence of any type on the Grounds at UVA

  • Peter J. Sposato Scholarship – $2,000
    Rising second-, third- or fourth-year students; merit; integrity; love for UVA

  • TASC (The Alumni-Student Cooperative) Scholarship – $2,000, total of 20 annual awards
    Rising second-, third-, and fourth-year students; leadership; merit; need; service to UVA and the Charlottesville community