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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the University accept payments for student bills?

Payments can be made electronically by e-check (no service fee) or credit card (with a service fee) or by paper check with the remittance portion of the statement. A schedule of billing and due dates is available on the Student Financial Services website.

For more information about becoming an authorized user in the University's e-billing and payment system, see Student Bills.

Q: How can money be added to a student's Cavalier Advantage account?

Students or parents can make deposits in these ways:

  • Visit one of the six cash deposit machines located around Grounds to add $1 to $20 bills to the account. The website provides complete details on how to make deposits.
  • Go to the Cavalier Advantage website and use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover (minimum of $25 deposit plus a $2 processing fee).
  • Deposits of $50 or more can be mailed, made over the telephone using a credit card (call 434.982.5735 during business hours), or made in person at the Cavalier Advantage Office in O-Hill Dining Hall, the UVA Bookstore, or TJ’s Locker at the Aquatic & Fitness Center (minimum of $50 deposit plus a $2 processing fee).

Q: What if my student loses their ID?

Any student who loses their ID card should deactivate it by going to the UVA ID Office website or the Cavalier Advantage website. Students also can call the ID office at 924.4508 or 982.5735. A replacement costs $15 and is available at the ID office in the O-Hill Dining Hall.

Q: What is the difference between Cavalier Advantage and Plus Dollars?

A: Plus Dollars are included with meal plans from the Dining program; they are extra dollars that can be used at retail food locations such as Pavilion XI, Alderman Café, the Crossroads, Poolside Café, and many other locations. Plus Dollars can be used only to purchase food.

Cavalier Advantage can be used at all University dining locations on Grounds (including residential dining rooms), but it also is accepted at vending machines, copiers, printers, laundry machines, all Bookstore locations, Newcomb Hall Post Office, Central Grounds Parking Garage, Student Health Pharmacy, Cavalier Computers, and many other locations.

When purchasing food at a location such as the Pav with an ID card, students should specify “Plus” or “Cav” to the cashier.

Q: What is the difference between Cavalier Advantage and Student Charge at the Bookstore?

A: Cavalier Advantage is a declining-balance account; the money must be available to make a purchase. Charging a purchase at the Bookstore (known as “Student Charge”) will result in a bill sent to the student through UVAPay. Students should specify “Cav” or “Student Charge” to the Bookstore cashier when making a purchase, and they must present their student ID.