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Financial Topics

Student Bills

Student Financial Services generates term statements every July (for the fall semester) and December (for the spring semester). Term statements, viewable through the University’s e-billing and payment system, UVAPay, include charges for tuition and fees, room, and dining plan. Other charges, for such expenses as Bookstore purchases, parking tickets, and library fines, are available online through UVAPay as they are incurred. No paper statements are sent to the student or parent.

Student Health Insurance

Students who are not able to demonstrate they have health insurance that meets UVA's requirements may purchase the University's policy through Aetna. More information is available in Health and Well-Being.

UVAPay Authorized Users

Students can set up their parents or others as authorized users in UVAPay. More information on how to establish authorized users is available at

Term Statements

When a term statement is generated, an email is sent to the UVA email address (the address) notifying the student that the statement is ready for viewing in the UVAPay system. Authorized users also will receive an email at the address the student provided in the UVAPay system. Within the system, users can view their current statement and statement history, as well as view and print a PDF version of these statements and remittance advice.

Account Activity

Both the student and any authorized user(s) are notified by email at the beginning of each month of any new account activity that occurred during the prior month and any past-due charges. Students can log into UVAPay through their Student Information System (SIS) accounts at

Payment Options

Payments can be made electronically by e-check (no service fee) or credit card (with a service fee) or by paper check with the remittance portion of the statement.

International Payments

International payments also can be made through UVAPay by selecting "International Payment and Wire Transfers" from the payment method options. UVA partners with Flywire to offer international payment methods from any country and any bank. For more information, see

Billing and Due Dates

A schedule of billing and due dates is available on the Student Financial Services website at

It is important that payments are received on or before the due date to prevent late penalties and registration holds. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all bills are paid on time.

Financial Aid

Student Financial Services provides need-based financial assistance to students, many of whom might otherwise be unable to attend the University.


AccessUVa is the University’s comprehensive financial aid program, designed to keep higher education affordable for all students who qualify for admission — regardless of economic circumstance. The University has a need-blind admission policy, meaning it does not consider financial circumstances of applicants when making admission decisions. The University also meets 100 percent of all students’ demonstrated financial need. More information about AccessUVa is available on the Student Financial Services website.

Every student applying to UVA is encouraged to apply for financial aid through Student Financial Services. This office will determine if a prospective student qualifies for federal, state, or institutional grants, federal workstudy, or federal student loans.

March 1 Deadline

UVA has a number of need-based grants, loans, and employment opportunities available for undergraduate students. Eligible financial aid applicants who apply by the March 1 deadline are automatically considered for any grants for which they qualify. No academic or merit scholarships are available through Student Financial Services.


Students who receive financial aid must reapply each year by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), as well as the CSS/PROFILE, available through the College Board. In addition, students must meet enrollment and satisfactory academic progress standards.

Regardless of whether a family qualifies for financial aid, Student Financial Services is committed to helping students successfully manage their finances and improve the quality of their student life.

More information


The University of Virginia Alumni Association offers a number of scholarships available through an application process independent of the University’s financial  aid process. For a listing of scholarships, to view the Scholarship Guide, or to apply, see the website, call, or email Molly Bass (see below).

Cavalier Advantage

The Cavalier Advantage Program is an account on a student’s University ID card that can be used to access University services on Grounds. Cavalier Advantage offers convenience, value, safety, and security.

Cavalier Advantage can be used just about everywhere on Grounds, including all UVA Bookstore locations, University dining locations, vending, laundry, copy machines, printers, and a variety of other services on Grounds. Visit the website for a full listing of services and locations.

No application is necessary — each student automatically receives a Cavalier Advantage account on their UVA ID card. The account starts with a zero balance, and the first deposit activates the account. Balances roll over until the student graduates or withdraws from the University, at which time refunds of more than $30 can be requested.