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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can first-year students change their dining plan?

A: First-year students have two choices: either the Ultimate Access or the All Access 7. Any first-year student who did not sign up for a plan by the deadline of July 5, 2019, will be signed up for the default plan, the All Access 7. Students can upgrade to the Ultimate Access Meal Plan at any time.

Q: What happens if a student has unused Plus Dollars at the end of the semester?

A: Unused Plus Dollars remain on account from the fall as long as the student has any meal plan, but must be used by the end of spring semester. At that point, any unused dollars are not refundable and cannot be transferred to the summer or the new academic year.

Q: How can you add Plus Dollars?

A: Students or parents can add more Plus Dollars by going to the Dining Services office or The additional Plus Dollars will be credited to the student’s card in a separate account and billed through SIS.

Please note, additional Plus Dollars are in a separate account and will not be accessed until the original contractual balance of Plus Dollars has been totally depleted; the new funds are then immediately accessible. Check Plus Dollar, Meal Swipe, and Cavalier Advantage balances and usage by going to the Cavalier Advantage website.

Q: What is the difference between Plus Dollars and Cavalier Advantage?

A: Plus Dollars are part of a student's dining plan and can only be used for food purchases in dining locations on Grounds. Cavalier Advantage can be used in UVA dining locations as well as for numerous services on Grounds. For more specific information, see Cavalier Advantage.

Q: What if my daughter or son has food allergies or needs dietary modifications?

A: UVA Dining partners with students to encourage health and wellness, including accommodations for food allergies. The Copper Hood, a popular food allergy service concept, is available in all three dining rooms, and provides menu items that exclude all of the “Big 8” food allergens and gluten. In addition, individualized meal preparation is available for students who have food allergies outside the Big 8. Our nutritionist, chefs, and food service managers are available to meet with students to ensure they are provided with food that meets their health and therapeutic needs. Please contact UVA Dining to arrange an appointment (, ideally during Summer Orientation or prior to the start of the semester.

Q: Are vegetarian options available?

A: Yes. Students will find meatless entrees and vegan choices at all residential dining rooms during each meal period. Students are not excused from a meal plan because they are vegan or vegetarian. A variety of options are available at all dining rooms, all meals, and at retail locations, such as the Castle.

Q: What about kosher dining?

A: UVA Dining provides kosher dining in partnership with Hillel House at the University. For more information, please email

Q: What types of sustainability programs are available?

A: UVA Dining has a dedicated sustainability coordinator who oversees the responsible sourcing and waste management practices of Dining operations. The coordinator also has a team of Green Dining Ambassadors who educate students about green initiatives, such as Skip the Straw, Plant Forward dining, and local foods. Dining offers resuable to-go containers in all residential dining rooms, composting in select locations, farmers markets, and sustainability dining options, such as fair trade, local, and organic products. To learn more, see

Q: Can parents eat in the dining rooms on Grounds?

Parents with students on a meal plan are welcome to eat for free in any residential dining room with their students when they visit after Move-In weekend. Students must be on a meal plan and must be dining in with their parents to take advantage of the "Parents Eat Free" program. Other guests can use one of the guest meal swipes that comes with the Ultimate and All Access 7 meal plans.