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School of Nursing

With its vibrant curriculum focused on compassion, resilience, interprofessional collaboration, and inclusivity, UVA School of Nursing – still Virginia's only program to be ranked in the nation's top 25 – remains a destination for nurses at every professional stage.

Home to 800 learners – half undergraduate and half graduate – every student has the opportunity to conduct original research independently, or as part of a team, benefits from lively leadership and ethics courses, engages closely with their School of Medicine peers, and enjoys the warmth and accessibility of nursing mentors, professors, and scientists at the peak of their careers. Currently, nine presidents and immediate past presidents of key regional and national nursing organizations make their academic home at UVA.

At the school’s core lies the nearly 10,000-square-foot Clinical Simulation Learning Center, a lab replete with cutting-edge high fidelity adult, child, and infant “patients” in mock hospital units that offers practice space for students to hone their skills. For undergraduates, these labs precede and run concurrent with clinical rotations across five specialty areas – pediatrics, obstetrics, medical-surgical, psych-mental health, and community health – which begin during students’ second year. Clinicals take place at Virginia’s No. 1 hospital, UVA Medical Center, as well as a host of other clinics, community centers, schools, and public health programs. By graduation, undergraduates have more than 500 hours of experience caring for patients in real-world environments and are eligible for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) required for licensure of every new nurse.

When not in class or clinicals, a host of extracurricular student groups and initiatives offer a wealth of opportunities to learn beyond the classroom, including an award-winning study abroad program offering sustainable cross-cultural partnerships with groups in Central America, the Caribbean, the Pacific Rim, and mid-Sahara Africa.

Given their intellectual caliber, many UVA Nursing graduates choose to pursue a graduate specialty, become nurse practitioners, nurse scientists, policymakers, and academics. It’s no wonder that nearly 12,000 UVA Nursing alumni are leaders around the world – at the bedside, in the boardroom, in lecture halls, and beyond.

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