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McIntire School of Commerce

The McIntire School of Commerce allows students to combine a world-class business program with a strong foundation in liberal arts at the University. Students in the school’s top-rated B.S. in Commerce Program acquire a comprehensive understanding of business and have the opportunity to gain special expertise in one or more of the school’s five areas of concentration: accounting, finance, information technology, management, and marketing.

Students not enrolled in the B.S. in Commerce Program can position themselves for a career in business by combining Commerce electives with another major at the University. Some undergraduates enroll in the McIntire Business Institute (MBI), a certificate program that provides solid preparation for a career in business and industry.

The school also offers an intensive one-year M.S. in Commerce Program, a graduate program with a strong, integrated focus on global business specifically for recent nonbusiness undergraduate degree-holders. In 2017, The Economist ranked the M.S. in Commerce Program second out of 40 master’s in management programs around the world.

The school's newest offering, the groundbreaking M.S. in Global Commerce Program, gives students a valuable set of international business skills, experience, and perspectives.

McIntire is widely regarded as a leader in global business education. Third-year students participate in the Integrated Core Experience, a continuously updated curriculum that integrates the most current skills and perspectives needed in the business world. In the nine consecutive years (2006-2014) that Bloomberg Businessweek ranked American undergraduate business programs, the McIntire program is the only one to have been ranked either first or second each year. McIntire’s job and graduate placement record is outstanding.

Most students enter the B.S. in Commerce Program after their second year. Admission to the McIntire School is based upon overall qualifications. Important factors include cumulative grade point average, academic performance in those courses related to business, and the degree of difficulty of the courses taken to date as a demonstration of the student’s general ability and desire. Skills and personal characteristics, such as leadership, communication, work experience, and time management, will be considered as demonstrated through extracurricular activities.