Addressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence

The University of Virginia is an institution built upon foundational values of honor, integrity, trust, and respect. Consistent with these values, the University is committed to providing a safe and nondiscriminatory learning, living, and working environment for all members of the University community. To these ends, the University has adopted a Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Harassment and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence.

Through presentations, training, and ongoing programming, students will receive information about this issue during Summer Orientation and throughout the academic year.

In addition to information in the Policies section, parents and students can learn more through the following websites:

Just Report It

Students, faculty, staff, or others who experience or witness an incident of bias or abuse directed toward themselves, or other acts of sexual violence, stalking, harassment, or hazing in violation of University policy, are urged to report the incident through “Just Report It,” the University’s online incident reporting system. Operated by the Office of the Dean of Students, the system enables anyone to report a situation in which she or he believes a student was treated wrongly—whether verbally, physically, or in writing—by another individual. The perpetrator may or may not be a student.

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