Maxine Platzer Lynn Women's Center


The Women’s Center provides free resources that support the growth of students, both men and women. Staff members mentor student leaders by combining classroom study of social justice issues with service. Together they raise awareness of the role that gender norms play in contemporary issues, such as educational and economic opportunity, sexual assault, and attitudes toward eating and exercise. Students also lead, support, and attend events that celebrate trailblazing women. Through the Young Women Leaders Program and Men’s Leadership Project, students mentor middle-school girls and boys in the community while studying adolescent development in Curry School of Education courses paired with these programs. Professional counselors also provide confidential services to students from all backgrounds and identities. Counselors support students whose concerns range from the stresses of young adulthood to traumatic events in their lives or within their families or communities. Frequent digital and print publications inform students and others of ways to improve their own well-being or support friends or family through mental health challenges.

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