Planning Ahead: Second-Year Housing


Both students and parents should be aware of intense discussion that begins among some first-year students, often as early as September, about signing a lease for second-year housing in an off-Grounds apartment.

The University advises students and parents not to act too quickly, but to make informed decisions based on factual information.

A variety of factors, including the local market, drive the publicity and resulting sense of pressure surrounding signing apartment leases. In truth, a surplus of apartment housing has been available in the Charlottesville area for the past few years. Many students wait until the spring to decide whether to live on or off Grounds, and they still are able to find attractive options open to them. See the Housing Comparison Guide: Deciding Where to Live Second Year.

On-Grounds Housing for Upperclass and Transfer Students

About 40 percent of second-year students choose to live on Grounds. The options are varied, including halls, apartments, residential colleges, or language houses.

For students who prefer a single room, the greatest availability exists in Johnson, Malone, or Weedon; Copeley III and IV; and Faulkner Apartments. Double room opportunities are available in Bice House and Lambeth Field Apartments.

Transfer students may choose from any of the upperclass housing options. For complete details, see Undergraduate Transfer Students on the Housing and Residence Life website.


Apartment units, each housing two to six people, comprise most of the upperlevel undergraduate housing on Grounds. Routine housekeeping is the residents’ responsibility. Students must provide their own linens, shower curtains, and cooking and eating utensils. They must also replenish or replace consumable items, such as bathroom tissue and light bulbs. All apartments are air-conditioned.

Bedrooms can be single or double occupancy. The common area of each apartment is furnished with a sofa, chairs, dining table and chairs, refrigerator, stove, and window coverings. Each bedroom contains one or two beds, desks with chairs, wardrobes, and window blinds. Depending on the area, wardrobes with built-in drawer space or dressers are provided. In other areas, dressers are provided. Laundry facilities are available in each of the apartment complexes.

All areas are served by the University Transit System to Central Grounds.

Apartment options include:

  • Bice House
  • Copeley III and IV
  • Faulkner
  • Lambeth Field

Suites and Halls

Johnson, Malone, and Weedon

Located near Hereford College, these three corridor-style facilities are designed for upperclass and transfer students. The residential spaces are a combination of single and double air-conditioned rooms with central bath areas on each floor. Two lounges are located on each floor, and one is equipped with a sink and microwave. Area features include a dining hall, laundry facilities, and outdoor recreation areas.

Residential Colleges

Please see Residential Colleges for a description of the University's three residential colleges. First-year and transfer students may also live in a residential college. Each requires a supplemental application.

Language Houses

The University offers three houses for 13 language groups. These houses provide residents with a unique opportunity for total language immersion. Ten of these groups are located in Shea House on the corner of Monroe Lane and Jefferson Park Avenue. A total of 75 students live in this building. The community in this building is made up of groups, or “pods,” speaking Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi-Urdu, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, German, or Russian.

Next door at 1408 Jefferson Park Avenue is La Casa Bolivar (the Spanish House), which houses 23 students. La Maison Française (the French House) is located at 1404 Jefferson Park Avenue, next to the Spanish House, and houses up to 27 students. Students may apply to live in a language house after their first year. Each house requires a supplemental application, and students may be required to participate in a meal plan. For more information, students should contact the appropriate language department.