Housing Comparison Guide


Deciding Where to Live Second Year

Please use the following comparison guide to analyze the various factors involved in living on or off Grounds after first year.

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Decision dates Varies
(Leases available Oct. 1, but renters will find attractive options through spring)
December for Residential Colleges; early spring semester for all other locations.
Furnished No Yes
Rent cost (monthly) $705 (average) 12-month lease $725 (average) 9-month commitment, based on academic year
Utilities included No Yes
Parking costs included No No
Monthly utility costs $70 (average) per student $0
Cable TV/Wi-Fi Varies Wi-Fi available for no extra charge in all rooms
How do I secure my space? Sign lease Submit application, select room, sign housing agreement
Security deposit required Yes No
Flexibility (study abroad/withdraw) No flexibility (must continue to pay) Released from University housing contract
Financial aid award Student-managed Paid directly to UVA Housing
Financial accountability Roomates collectively responsible Responsible only for self
University bus stops Not always nearby Always nearby
Maintenance and security of property Landlord/management company responsible University responsible