First-Year Housing


When applying for housing following admission, new students can state a preference for the housing program in which they are interested. Choice includes first-year housing or one of three residential colleges.

All first-year students who opt for a space in the University’s first-year housing program will have equal opportunity in the random assignment process if they submit their applications by the deadline. In addition to program preference, assignments are made according to mutual roommate requests and personal preference information from the application. Students are not guaranteed their first choice in housing.

While each residential area differs in room arrangement and amenities, each offers a great place to meet fellow students and to get involved in the residential community. New students live in the first-year program (Alderman Road, McCormick Road, or Gooch/ Dillard) or a residential college (Hereford College, Brown College, or the International Residential College). Students may express a preference for a roommate and a single, double, or triple room in first-year housing but cannot request a specific building or housing area.

Alderman Road Hall-Style

Alderman Road hallway-style buildings accommodate approximately 1,600 residents in nine houses. These houses are configured with double rooms off a common interior hallway. Each floor provides two shared bathrooms serving 20 to 25 residents each.

These buildings are the most recent additions to on-Grounds housing. Nearby are the O-Hill Dining Room, the Aquatic & Fitness Center, and Slaughter Recreation Center. 

Houses: Balz-Dobie, Cauthen, Gibbons, Kellogg, Lile-Maupin, Shannon, Tuttle-Dunnington, Watson-Webb, and Woody
Features: large meeting rooms, study lounges, a mailroom, and laundry facilities located in eight of these buildings

Alderman Road Suite-Style

The Alderman Road suite-style houses include three buildings featuring units of five double or triple bedrooms accommodating 10 to 12 residents. Each suite contains a furnished shared living area and shared bathroom. Approximately 300 first-year students live in this area.

Rooms in these suite-style buildings are not air-conditioned, so residents are encouraged to bring fans. Laundry facilities for these buildings are located in Gibbons House or across the pedestrian path at Gooch. Also nearby are O-Hill and Runk dining rooms, the Aquatic & Fitness Center, and Scott Stadium.

Houses: Courtenay, Dunglison, and Fitzhugh
Features: air-conditioned community lounge, including a pool table, kitchen, TV lounge space, and study area


These suite-style buildings are located at the intersection of Alderman and Stadium roads. During the 2016-17 academic year, Dillard will be closed for renovation. Four buildings at Gooch were recently renovated and will accommodate approximately 300 first-year residents.

This area consists of four-floor structures with two two-story suites. A typical suite accommodates six students, but a few suites house up to 10 students. Each suite features a living area and bath facilities.

Bedrooms are primarily double rooms. A kitchen, laundry facilities, and large lounge area are located in the complex. Runk Dining Room is conveniently located behind the center of the complex. 

Features: air conditioning, study lounges, meeting space, and laundry facilities

McCormick Road Residence Halls

This area houses more than 1,200 first-year students in 10 buildings, which accommodate approximately 125 students each. All of the bedrooms are doubles, with the exception of 30 small, single rooms located between the hallways of each floor. The buildings are coed. Rooms on a common corridor share a common bathroom.

Rooms in McCormick are not air-conditioned. A fan is especially helpful in the early fall and late spring.

Houses: Bonnycastle, Dabney, Echols, Emmet, Hancock, Humphreys, Kent, Lefevre, Metcalf, and Page
Features: study lounges, a mailroom, “The Castle” snack bar, laundry facilities, and vending machines