Benefits of Living On Grounds


On-Grounds housing offers a number of benefits. Students and parents should jointly consider:


All residence house costs are fixed for the academic year. All utilities, with the exception of telephone and cable TV, are included. In purely financial terms, adding up the cost of utilities and all the less obvious expenses (installation charges, deposits, gas, and other commuting expenses, etc.), reveals that on-Grounds living is a good value. The convenience, quality of accommodations, and opportunities to interact with fellow students as well as faculty are added pluses.


Living on Grounds ensures being close to the important centers of University life: classes, dining halls, the Student Health Center, Newcomb Hall, the libraries, and University events. All residence houses are either near Central Grounds or on the University transit routes, eliminating the need for daily driving and parking challenges.

Continual Upgrades

Wi-Fi is available in all first-year and upperclass residence halls. New furniture is purchased annually for several areas to continually upgrade University facilities.


Students have the support of the Resident Staff and services of the University’s Facilities Management Division at their disposal. Housekeeping and maintenance services are two reasons that current residents enjoy living on Grounds. Laundry facilities are located in each living area.


The most important reason for living on Grounds is that it provides a great opportunity to meet other students. The quality and frequency of interaction with other students play an important role in students’ sense of support and community.

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